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The game:

Ninja runner is a game where you try and get as far as possible without dying, all while trying to get a high score or reach the end. You will never stop running in the game as you are always moving at a set speed, the game only has two controls one which allows you to jump and another that lets you change which direction you are running. Both controls let you dodge and avoid the oncoming obstacles, changing direction back and forward in one spot does not count towards the distance run only when you are moving right the score in which you run will increase. When you progress to the right the map will fall behind you so you can’t go back. During the game the gravity will change back and forward which allows for so unique experiences. To sum up Ninja runner is a game which you will have to keep playing to learn the new obstacles and learn when to jump and change direction to get as far as you possibly can, if you do make it to the end a mini game awaits.

Key Features:

8 different obstacles

Fast nonstop gameplay

Game Gravity changes

Mini game

Multiple control settings

Release date: 24/06/2014

Platform: PC

Price: Free

Contact information:


Company: Silver Soul Gaming

Website: www.silversoulgaming.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SilverSoulORG

Personal Info:

Name: David Dale

Country: New Zealand

Bio: I recently started a bachelor course at Media Design School and within the first two weeks they gave me the chance to make my first game so I decided to make the game Ninja Runner. Ninja Runner is a game that I created for the people that like fast paced games because in Ninja Runner you can’t stop moving, it’s a game that requires some patience and time to master as the more you play the further you will get in the game. When I made Ninja Runner I wanted it to be fun but also be a game that’s not beatable within a minute or two, that’s why I made it a difficult to beat the game and get a far distance so when people do get far the can have bragging rights over other people as well as their friends.

If enough people give positive feedback to the game I would most likely make a polished version of the graphics as well as adding in multiple levels from easy to extreme and possible add a story to the game. 


Ninja_Runner.exe 7 MB